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    tumblr mobile is so very well optimised for accidentally unfollowing all of your friends

  2. Wow, I’m lying here giggling like an idiot because of Chrome’s Cloud To Butt extension.

    I have problems. 

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    That moment where you’re in a beautiful photo with Win Butler. 

    That moment where you’re in a beautiful photo with Win Butler. 

  4. Parents discussing music

    1. Mum: I could play by ear; nobody taught me.
    2. Dad: I tried that once, but it hurt my ears.
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  6. Is it weird to feel this energetic after pulling an all nighter?

    Will probs regret that after seeing The Boss.

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    Twenty-five cents at a time he’s taking our souls,
    Government men can’t help - we’re all alone.
    Are you feeling it in the breeze?
    Did you pull your belt tight?
    You know that it’s wrong,
    You know that it’s right.
    Out of the shadows, down the coin goes,
    Why, oh, why do you suppose?
    Only the bandit knows…

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    That’s a ten!

  10. musical-junkie:

    If Melbourne were a movie, it might look something like … (x)